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PBL Sujan
Product Objective/Purpose
To purchase capital Machinery, Office equipment, Covered Van, Pick up Van etc
2 (two) years experience in the line of business
Business must be a going -concern with more than 1 (one) year in operation
Age Limit
Minimum 18-years
Loan Ceiling
Tk. 2.00-lac to Tk. 10.00-lac
Financing Range
90% (maximum) of fixed asset purchase or as the case may be
From 12 months to 36 months
Rate of Interest
@15.00% P.A. subject to change at Bank's discretion
Primary Security
Post dated cheques
Charge on current assets (receivables, Stock etc.)
Personal guarantee of Proprietor, Partners, Directors, Spouse
Hypothecation of machinery, equipments etc
Personal guarantee of 1 (one) person acceptable to Bank
Collateral (Not mandatory upto Tk. 10.00-lac)
Mortgage (in case of ownership)/assignment of possession right of shop, show-room etc
Request letter of the applicant
Consent letter
KYC profile with NID
Photograph of Borrower, Guarantor, Business site
Financial and Personal net-worth
Branch Manager's & Regional Manager's visit report
Disbursement to be made under PBL Sujan through a Payment order directly to the seller. No cash drawing will be allowed under any circumstances
Repayment of the loan will be started after 1/2/3 months of disbursement by equal monthly installment
Sanction Authority
Regional Manager
Processing Fee
Tk. 500.00 for limit below Tk.6.00-lac
Tk. 1000.00 for limit of Tk. 6.00-lac to 10.00-lac
Penal Interest
@0.25% on the defaulted amount to be charged per month but aggregate of penal interest must not exceed @3% P.A. at any point of time
For any query please Contact at: Tel: (PABX) 9551614 FAX: 880-2-9564009 or e-mail us at [email protected]
Foreign Currency Rates
Currency Buying Selling
USD 81.00 82.50
EURO 86.15 90.80
GBP 99.70 104.70
News & Events

August 12, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. holds 2nd Managers’ Conference-2018 of Dhaka North.


August 09, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. donated an Ambulance to Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital.


July 25, 2018
Disclosure relating to un-audited Half-Yearly (Q2) Financial information.


July 16, 2018
A training course on ‘Foundation Training for Senior Officers & Officers’


July 16, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. appointed Muhammad Mijanur Rahman Joddar as AMD-1.


May 20, 2018
Vice-Chairman of Pubali Bank Ltd. elected.


May 10, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. holds 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM)


May 10, 2018
Chairman of Pubali Bank Ltd. Re-elected for 02(two) years


April 30, 2018
Pubali Bank Limited honoured with plaque by the Centre for NRBs


April 17, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. signs MoU with BRAC Services Ltd


April 15, 2018
Pubali Bank Limited donated Tk.5 (five) crore to the Honourable Prime Minister’s Relief & Welfare fund.


February 22, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. signed agreement with Bangladesh Bank.


January 22, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. donated a Pick-up to DMP.


January 15, 2018
Pubali Bank Ltd. signed agreement with Bangladesh Bank.


November 28, 2017
Pubali Bank Limited donated 50,000 blankets to Prime Minister’s Relief fund.


November 27, 2017
Pubali Bank Ltd. inaugurates 458th branch at Melandaha Bazar, Jamalpur.


November 08, 2016
A training course on ‘Foundation Training for Senior Officers & Officers’ was held recently under the auspices of Pubali Bank Training Institute.


November 03, 2016
Pubali Bank Ltd. holds 4th conference-2016 of Regional and Corporate Branch Managers .


November 03, 2016
Pubali Bank Ltd. holds 4th conference-2016 of Regional and Corporate Branch Managers .


November 02, 2016
Pubali Bank Limited donates Tk. 20(Twenty) Lac to Dhaka Bar Association .


October 27, 2016
Pubali Bank Ltd. organizes Follow up Meeting with the CLS Agents on Consumers Credit Scheme .


October 23, 2016
Pubali Bank Ltd. gives bicycle to girls of Monir Ahmed Academy, Sylhet .


October 19, 2016
Pubali Bank Ltd. inaugurates its shifted Gulshan Model Town Corporate Branch.


March 01, 2015
Pubali Bank Ltd. recommended for 10% Cash Dividend for the year 2014.


February 23, 2015
Md. Abdul Halim Chowdhury new Managing Director of Pubali Bank Ltd.


February 22,, 2015
1st Managers’conference-2015 of Dhaka South Region of Pubali Bank Ltd. held.


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